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My First Product Review
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Here’s a bit about Teami – we formulate tea blends and tea infused skincare that helps with a lot of health issues people face on a daily basis including:

-Improving gut health

-Increasing sleep

-Boosting your bodies natural energy levels

-Reducing bloating

-Helping to eliminate acne and clogged pores

All of our ingredients are 100% natural — pesticide & cruelty free! Feel free to check out our reviews for all of our success stories!

Freedom In a Budget

This channel is about making money, saving money, and managing time. Most videos are 5 minutes or less.

Monday: Morning video: Gotta Minute or Best tips from subbies
Evening: Money Making Monday

Tuesday: Personal growth, positive thinking, and Health

Wednesday: Cooking videos and Kitchen Hacks

Thursday: Budgeting

Friday Morning: Requested videos by subbies :Evening : Free and Frugal Friday

Saturday: Simple Organization, cleaning,

Sunday: Budgeting and MISC

Usually One Video a Day and some bonus videos.

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Thank you. I love you

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