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My Little Lion Canned Cat Food Unboxing Video for Product Review – Floppycats

My Little Lion Canned Cat Food

My Little Lion® Grain-Free Cat Food Ingredients:

My Little Lion food is labeled as only for supplemental feeding. AAFCO requires that they label products as “Supplemental feeding” if they do not meet all the of requirements they set for something to be complete and balanced. The reason My Little Lion cans are supplemental is that they don’t have enough protein per serving. That is counterintuitive because they are 96% real meat but real meat is less condensed with protein than animal organs such as livers and hearts or a meat meal. Most cat owners use their canned foods as an occasional meal, a treat, or as a topper or mixer with another food they feed. Because the real meat formulas are so palatable this is something that gets recommended for picky eaters to help eat their food.

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