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Natural Hair product review: Eco Styler Sport! Most MOISTURIZING ECO! ~ TriniGirlNatural

Hi everyone! Found me another eco styler! ECO STYLER SPORT!! This one came highly recommended for natural hair so I had to try it! And I was not disappointed, I LOVE it! It gave me a soft, moisturized wash and go that lasted all week! I totally forgot that the curl and wave eco styler did give me more definition lol! Could be due to glycerin in the summer which frizzes my hair but anyway lol. The eco styler sport definitely had more slip and hold and gave more moisture. Check out the video for my full review and demo :). Enjoy! 🙂 xoxo

Advanced Eco Styler Techniques for Natural Hair. No crunch, flakes, frizz, dryness.
(I’m wearing the Eco Styler Krystal in this video)

Coconut vs Flaxseed Eco Styler for Natural Hair, which is better?? Side by Side Review
(I’m wearing both in this video lol)

Best & Worst Eco Styler Gels for Natural Hair! Curl & Wave? Coconut? Flaxseed? Best or Worst??
(I’m wearing the curls and waves eco styler in this video)

TriniGirlNatural is all about my natural hair journey and achieving healthy, beautiful natural hair. Thanks for joining me and sharing your journey with me as well 😊. All are welcome. Let’s do this together as a community! Xoxo

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