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Next In Fashion

Next In Fashion (NIF) is a reality show and fashion design competition series debuting on Netflix in January 2020; hosted by designers Tan France and Alexa Chung.[1][2] Over ten episodes, eighteen designers compete in rounds based on design trends and styles that influence what people wear worldwide.[3] Similar to Bravo’s Project Runway, the contestants are all professionals who have been dressing celebrities and working with major fashion houses.[4] The winner receives USD$250,000 and can debut a collection with Net-a-Porter, a luxury fashion retailer.[3]

The series, Netflix’s first fashion show, is produced by Robin Ashbrook, Yasmin Shackleton, and Adam Cooper.[3][5] The first season filming ended in May 2019.[6]


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Tan France is from England and first started in the industry designing womenswear.[7] He came to international attention as the fashion advisor on the Netflix series Queer Eye, where five queer guys give full life makeovers to regular people.[8] Tan also hosts his own web series, Dressing Funny on Netflix’s YouTube channel, and has authored a memoir, Naturally Tan.[8][9] NIF is France’s first time as a presenting host.[10]

Alexa Chung is a TV presenter, fashion model, author and designer.[5][11][12] She has authored the books It (2013)[13] and it: Über Style (2014),[14] and launched her eponymous fashion brand in May 2017.[15][16][17]


Source: Radio Times[18]

Designer Progress[edit]

[a]Because the judges were unable to agree, no-one was eliminated this challenge.

     The designer won Next in Fashion Season 1.
     The designer was runner-up for Next in Fashion Season 1.
     The designer advanced to the Finale.
     The designer/design team won the challenge.
     The designer/design team was in the bottom two/three, but was not eliminated.
     The designer lost and was eliminated from the competition.


The contestants are shown in a modern warehouse space that serves as both the workroom, and on show days, a runway space complete with area for hair and makeup stations. A fully-stocked fabrics and notions “closet” is adapted for each challenge, and producers will get any item that is needed outside of the supplies provided.

Alexa Chung and Tan France serve as both hosts and judges; with two or three more judges for each challenge. Each episode has them introducing the theme, and revealing the guest judge. The designers then each occupy a large work table, and pull fabrics and supplies. The bulk of the pre-runway show overviews their designing and construction process, typically over two work days.

The runway contest itself has a catwalk, and fully digitized floors and walls so each show has a different feel yet comes off as a professional presentation. During the show the judges comments are overheard; following the catwalk show the judges visit each entry, inspect the work, and ask questions of the designer. Following the judges deliberations the winner, and bottom two entries are revealed. After more discussion one or more designers are eliminated.

Season one episodes were posted for streaming January 29, 2020 (2020-01-29).[19]

Season one[edit]

See also[edit]

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