December 2, 2023

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Performance Health Product Highlight – Thera-Band® FlexBar® with Deb

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Performance Health Product Highlight – The Thera-Band® FlexBar®
Do you suffer from Tennis or Golfers’ elbow, or just plain elbow pain?
By exercising with a Thera-Band FlexBar you could reduce or possibly eliminate your pain thus avoiding expensive and painful surgery.
This simple, pliable rubber bar that you twist, bend and shake strengthens the muscles that surround your elbows and shoulders.
The Flex Bar is available in four different colors that represent four different resistance levels.
The Yellow FlexBar is the extra light resistance bar and is often used as the starting point in a progressive exercise or rehab routine.
The Red, light FlexBar is ideal for older populations with arthritis, while the Green, medium FlexBar is ideal for general fitness regiments.
The most resistant or heaviest FlexBar is the blue one and it’s perfect for athletes who are looking to improve strength related to their specific sport.
Millions of people want to get a grip on the best ways to improve hand, arm and shoulder strength and the Thera-Band FlexBar is an economical and easy way to do just that.

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