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PowerbookMedic : Mac Repair Provider-Service Parts, Upgrade, Repair

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PowerbookMedic is the ultimate in Macbook, iBook, and Powerbook Parts & Repairs.
Whether you need Powerbook repair or Powerbook parts (or iBook Parts / iBook Repairs) PowerbookMedic can help. Our online store contains everything you need for Powerbook repairs / upgrade, or iBook repair / upgrade, even repair for hinges. From getting an iBook keyboard, a Powerbook battery or adapter, a logic board, a display and more to a memory upgrade, ram (Powerbook & iBook memory upgrade), apple superdrive (combodrive), and hard drive, PowerbookMedic stocks virtually every part you need for your repair or upgrade. We also now offer iPod Parts and iPod Repairs. For those who prefer to have their laptop treated by a professional, our quality repair services paired with exceptional customer service will make you feel as though your apple iBook / Powerbook is in the hands of a true medic, the Powerbook Medic.
1015 Henderson Rd
Huntsville, AL 35816
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  • It is not always possible to repair laptop keyboards because all the keys are interrelated, and they cannot be repaired or replaced singly. It means that the entire keyboard will have to replaced, but it must be done under expert supervision.

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