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Product Review Featuring “SKINTOUCH Whitening Products”

Heyers! It’s Apple D. And because caring is sharing that is why i made this video to share my experience in using my new favorite whitening products from skintouch! And i know you’ll love it too if you just give it a try😉

Disclaimer: This video Is not sponsored and the products that i used is from my own “GASTO”😅

SKINTOUCH Whitening Products:
● Set A (consist of the following)
Carrot Soap
Magic Exfoliant Toner
Night Cream, and;
Sunscreen Cream (with spf 40)
● Vitamin C Anti-aging Serum
● CC Cushion (with spf 50)
● Glutapink Lotion

For those who want to try the products you can click this link below for your orders 👇

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