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Product Review: iPower Cannabis Bowl Trimmer

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It’s day 2 of Harvest, and I decided to put together a little product review of the iPower Cannabis Bowl Trimmer I have been using for my popcorn buds.

When it comes to trimming, I prefer to do a wet trim of my buds right after I take them down from the plant. I find it is much easier than a dry trim, and the results are the same. I also like to do a mixture of hand and machine trim. I hand trim the big main colas and buds that are fully developed, and then I machine trim the buds that are smaller and less developed.

In the video you I will show you how the buds that are lower on branches or were under the canopy, and didn’t receive much light, are much smaller than the rest. These are what I refer to as popcorn buds, and I use the machine trimmer on these guys.

Hand trimming does a much better and cleaner trim on the buds, but it takes a lot longer. While machine trimming is much faster, it tends to still require some touch up trimming afterwards, and can cause a little damage to the buds from the machine moving them around. Also, I hang my main hand trimmed buds from string, and I hang my machine trimmed popcorn buds on the drying rack.

Overall, I really like using this iPower Bowl Trimmer, as It really speeds up the trim process. It also it great for trimming smaller, less developed buds as they don’t really require a hand trim anyways. I would highly recommend a Bowl Trimmer to any home grower looking to speed things up!

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