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[Product Review] Jewellery Earrings Findings

If you enjoy making and wearing earrings then we hope you’ll find our earring findings product review very helpful.
When you’re creating earring designs it’s really important to select the right earring finding because this will be an integral part of the how your design flows.
In this video I’d like to show you some of the range of earring findings we offer and how they can be used.
Kidney Earwires Long sterling silver (code: D69/11)
Kidney Earwires Short sterling silver (code: D69/12)
Fishhook ball spring earwires 20mm silver plated (code: D34/1)
Fishhook spring earwires 20mm sterling silver (code: D34/7)
Fishhook earwire with heart sterling silver (D69/15)
Pull through ear dangle threader sterling silver (N80/10)
Earstud ball and hook with scroll (code: D34/11)

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