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product review of @nailart_nailsfiesta & nail art with Nicole diary mermaid powder

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Hi guys today Iam going to share with you guys product review of @nailart_nailsfiesta & nail art with Nicole diary mermaid powder..

This is a honest review and sharing my opinion, on the products I purchased from “nailart_nailsfiesta on Instagram and if u guys are looking for a cheap & affordable mermaid powders in India I would say u can go for it without any doubts, and the seller is so friendly to answer all ur doubts and ships pretty quick too
let’s see what I purchased from @nailart_nailsfiesta:

1. Nicole diary mermaid 🧜‍♀️ powders in gold and green , each for 60/- inr, and u get 5gms of product.
2. You get applicator with each box of Nicole diary mermaid 🧜‍♀️ powders
3. They are pretty cheap and u get a huge quantity for the price, these show up great on dark colors
4. On white it just adds s light sheen
5. Best part is you can use these Nicole diary mermaid powders on normal polish too, as I DONOT own any gel polishes I used them on normal Elle18 clear nail polish and worked absolutely fine
6. So even normal polish users can give a try 😍👍🏻.
7. The next item I purchased is a set of foils, the set includes, gold foil,copper foil, silver foil & gold holographic glitters all together costs u 120/-INR
8. u can also get them seperately for 40/- INR each
9. In love with these foils and h have quite a lot of quantity which lasts for a very long time
10. Then I purchased the glitter nailart tapes, in gold, silver & multi color in 1mm and priced 15/- INR each
11. She also has plain white tapes too
12. And these glitter tapes also come in 3 variations u get them in 1mm,2mm & 3mm sizes, prices vary accordingly
13. I had the mani on with the tapes for 2days and they dint budge even a bit which is quite awesome 👏
14. I tried using as many items as I can and did a manicure, hope u guys will like it
15. And she also sent me a sheet of water decals and a sheet of nail stickers as freebies
16. The seller is so sweet & patient enough to answer all my questions and the best part is from New Delhi to chennai I received my package in good condition in just 2 days 😍😍😍 which is super awesome

Iamvery happy with my purchase and yes will not hesitate to buy from her again 😍, thank u @nailart_nailsfiesta for all these amazing products 😘😘

Hope you guys like this product review of @nailart_nailafiesta and nail art with Nicole diary mermaid powders


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