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Product Review on the Skywatcher WI FI Adapter

Looking for a cool gadget for your Skywatcher telescope???
Then check this out, this would be an excellent Christmas present to any Astronomer or newcomer.

PLEASE NOTE!!!! All Sky watcher Star Adventurer mount owners, Please do not order this WI-FI Adapter, until I can confirm with Sky watcher, that this product works with those mounts. Looking at Sky watcher details, it does state that it works with all Sky watcher mounts. I will let you know ASAP, when Sky watcher gets in contact with me!!

The Sky watcher Star Adventurer WI-FI mounts already has this module built in and so there is no requirement to purchase this product.

To order the Skywatcher WI-FI Adapter from 365 Astronomy Retailer:



To upload Synscan App and Synscan PRO app from Skywatcher Official website:


The ASCOM Driver required to run and control Synscan APP via laptop or computer:


Download Synscan App for Apple Iphone’s or tablets:


Download Synscan App for all Android mobile phones or Tablets via Google Play:


To order upgrade HM5 Polar Alignment scope:


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