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Hello beauties!

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what products to buy for our precious skin and believe me your skin is gold so make sure you take good care of it, now my advice is to always visit a skincare specialist, an expert will help you establish a good skincare routine and will identify your skin type and skin needs, as your skin’s needs will continuously change due to all kind of environmental and hormonal factors just to name a few..

With 15 years + of experience in the Spa industry as a licensed esthetician and SPA Manager background working for many luxury five star hotels I wanted to share my expertise and insights on skincare by creating my Skincare Talk series where you’ll discover some awesome professional skincare brands worth trying and also learn about the actual ingredients and benefits of the product.
It’s all about educating ourselves so I hope you find this useful 🙂

I would love the Skincare Talk community to grow so please share your experiences and recommendations about other skincare brands you have used and what effect it had on your skin.

Remember skincare is very specific as we all may react differently to one same product!

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