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Review AgaciStore : Buy Modern, Styles, Glamour Fashion

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A’GACI was created by two brothers in 1972. Since then, the company has gone through many changes, but A’GACI has stayed true to its loyal shopper-the fabulous fashionista. This sexy image has set us apart from our competition throughout all these years. Now, with about 40 stores nationwide, A’GACI is growing rapidly and is expecting to open up more than 10 stores before 2010!
A’GACI also has an online store that has been quickly growing. Shoppers look to agacistore for special offers and exclusive styles. We also love to show our appreciation for our customers with giveaways and contests on our Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages.
A’GACI shoes are sold in the O’Shoes section inside A’GACI stores. We recognize nice shoes that fit a young woman’s pocketbook are hard to come by, so we opened our first separate O’Shoes store in 2005 at La Plaza Mall in Texas. We now have two other O’Shoes stores in Texas, but spacious and breath-taking O’Shoes sections can be found in our newer A’GACI stores. Exuding the same hip energy as its apparel sister store, O’Shoes offers trendy styles that young women crave at prices that fit their budget.
2125 Delaware Avenue
Suite E
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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