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Review Chesapeake Bay Candle : Scented Luxury Candles, Home Fragrances

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Established by David Wang and Mei Xu, Pacific Trade International is a fully integrated global marketer of candles, home fragrance, and home décor products and the company behind one of the most popular candle brands in the country and around the world: Chesapeake Bay Candle.
In early 1994, David and Mei both resigned from their jobs to follow their entrepreneurial spirits and establish Pacific Trade International. To get started, David went back to China on numerous sourcing trips to visit trade shows and suppliers of gift and home décor products. Friends and family also assisted David and Mei in selecting a variety of items for the home. After a successful exhibition at the Charlotte Gift Fair in North Carolina, one product stood out from everything else: candles.
With a long list of new customers and more than ninety thousand dollars worth of orders in hand, their products became available in about one hundred doors by the end of 1994.
Their product design and development method focuses foremost on a deep understanding of the magnificent power of scent; a strategic process they call their Fragrance First philosophy.
Their portfolio of fragrances includes a wide variety of scents to satisfy every taste, moment and personality. Chesapeake Bay Candle collections offer a well-balanced fragrance assortment with everyday classics, season’s favorites as well as innovative creations and experiential fragrances inspired by the latest trends in fine fragrance.
Unique alliances with some of the best fragrance vendors in the U.S. and Europe allow them to bring sophisticated, innovative and multi-layered scents to the market.
5515 Security Lane
Suite 1100
Rockville, MD 20852
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