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REVIEW Product Comparison | New Versus Old Vega Sport Vegan Protein Powder

Life Through The Lens of My iPhone. New Vlogs Up Daily. A Vlogging We Will Go…..I review the old and new Vega Sport Chocolate protein powders in a taste test, and tell you about two funny vegan conversations that I had today.

I’m Raphaela; a candid lifestyle and family vlogger, sunless tanning and skin obsessed entrepreneur, and vegan bikini bodybuilder. I am raising my 2 littles, while going through an unusual military divorce, and I share what it’s like ‘behind the scenes’ of divorce, single parenting, and real life in my daily vlogs.

My littles love making weekly video appearances too. Ava is my art-loving, opinionated, 6 year old whose going on 25 and Cash is my chocolate-infatuated, irresistibly charming 5 year old dare devil. We love reviewing products together, doing YouTube challenges, playing with their toys together and more.

Sometimes it’s me, and sometimes it’s all three. We hope you join us daily as we do this new life together.

Thanks for Watching.

*Vega Sport Chocolate (Original):
*Vega Sport Chocolate (New):

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