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Review Spirit Halloween : Costumes For The True Fun

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Celebrating 25 years in business, Spirit Halloween offers a one-stop shop for the best costumes for any occasion, including Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day and more! The Spirit Halloween website has a huge selection of costumes and accessories, from cute children’s attire to hot adult get-ups meant to spice up any occasion.
Spirit Halloween was founded out of the observation of a trend on the verge of explosion. Since the opening of its first store in 1983, Spirit has experienced tremendous growth. In 1999, Spirit Halloween operated 63 seasonal locations throughout the United States and was acquired by Spencer Gifts LLC. Since its acquisition, Spirit has expanded its store base from 63 locations to over 1,000 for the 2013 season and has become the largest Halloween specialty store on the planet !
Spirit Halloween stores are situated in high visibility, high-traffic strip centers. The typical store opens around Labor Day weekend and closes in early November. Spirit Halloween Superstores are located in all 50 states and throughout Canada in all major markets. 
In-Store Experience 
Spirit Halloween’s specialty retail stores are the most comprehensive one-stop destinations for everything shoppers can imagine for Halloween. Through the vast merchandise assortment and memorable visual presentation, Spirit stores provide a truly impressive, unique and unforgettable shopping experience. In addition to being a fun and interactive event for shoppers, the locations offer complete selections of costumes and accessories for infants/toddlers, children, ‘tweens, teens and adults. A broad assortment of D├ęcor and party goods complete the Halloween story. A large portion of the selection is exclusive merchandise found only at Spirit Halloween. 
Spirit of Children 
In 2006, Spirit Halloween launched the Spirit of Children program to benefit Child Life Departments within children’s hospitals and rehabilitation centers in a few local hospitals in NJ. The goal of this new program was to bring Halloween to these pediatric patients so they could participate in and experience the fun and fantasy of Halloween. 
In 2007, the fundraising component was added and expanded to children’s hospitals across the US and Canada. To ensure the children’s stay is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, 100% of the money raised in their stores throughout the Halloween season is donated to the Child Life Departments at participating pediatric centers. 
The money raised by the Spirit of Children program is used by the hospitals and rehabilitation centers to purchase entertainment equipment such as TV’s, DVD’s, computers, books and arts-and-craft materials as well as furniture. Their goal for 2013 is to raise $5MM in merchandise and cash donations with celebrations hosted in 80 hospitals throughout the United States and Canada. 
Spirit for Schools 
Spirit for Schools is an innovative way for communities to raise money for their schools, while experiencing the fun of shopping for Halloween. The goal of the program is to support K-8 public schools in our communities and allow them to raise funds for programs, equipment and supplies that enhance educational experiences and/or social growth for students. 
In 2009, Spirit Halloween enrolled 5 South Jersey schools to participate in the program, raising more than $12,000 in donations. In 2013, they are accepting the first 75 qualifying organizations, giving them the opportunity to raise up to $5,000 for their school. 
2125 Delaware Avenue Suite E Santa Cruz, 
CA 95060 
Manager: Seth Bernabei 
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