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Review Tony Little : Health and Fitness Product From America’s Personal Trainer

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For those of you who are not familiar with “America’s Personal Trainer”, Mr. Tony Little, you are about to discover the incredible power of change. For those of you that do know him, you know how truly POWERFUL his story is. Tony is the textbook definition of “Adversity to Victory”. Tony has succeeded against all odds, and with strong convictions and a deep caring for people he has brought physical fitness into mainstream America in a way that has enhanced the physical appearance, personal stamina and emotional outlook of his trainees.
Success Story
Donn, St. Petersburg, FL
To: Tony Little My name is Donn Arms, I am a husband and father. I am also a Baptist minister. I began using Tony Little products for weight loss on 4/12/1995 and ended my program on 10/31/1995. During that time, I made the following accomplishments in my health status. I have lost 36.5 pounds, my body fat reduced by 14.6%. I lost a total of 21.5 inches in over- all size with my fat weight loss being approximately 41 pounds and my Lean Mass was up by 4.5 pounds. Thanks Tony for your help. Donn – St. Petersburg, FL
Rosy – Ontario – Canada
Hi Tony: My name is Rosy and I am from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Last November, 2007, I took on a personal challenge and that was to lose 150 lbs. and to basically have a complete body Transformation done. To make things even more intense, I wanted to do this all in only 12 months. No pills, no supplements, no surgeries, only exercise, healthy eating and weights! In ten months I have lost a total of 135 pounds and now only have 15 pounds away from reaching my goal on November 11, 2008. I used the gazelle a lot for my cardio. I really liked how it was easy on my knees especially in the beginning being so overweight at 275 pounds. It was a product that was fun, east to use and basically could be stored easily as well (which was important) being a mother of three young children. In a country where our winters are long and you cannot make it to the gym, the gazelle is a product I highly recommend. It ? GREAT!!!! It will be a product I will continue using as part of my maintenance phase when I reach my goal. Best, Rosy – Ontario – Canada
Patricia, British Columbia
Dear Tony: I’m so excited to be able to write and tell you of the inches I have lost off of my body and how much muscle tone I now have thanks to you and the Gazelle. At first I was looking forward to getting some muscle tone, but because I will be 59 years old this year I really did not think I could lose so much weight as well. I have lost 23 pounds and gone from a size 12-14 to a size 8. At my age I couldn’t imagine going back to that small of a size. The Gazelle is so easy and enjoyable to use that you don’t realize how effective it is, thank you Tony. The Gazelle is the absolutely the best total body work out and I look forward to using it every day. Sincerely, Patricia
1511 North Westshore Boulevard
Suite 700
Tampa, FL 33607
Manager: Janet Malure
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