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Review Udder Covers : Nursing Covers, Breastfeeding Covers, Nursing in Public

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To help moms that want to cover to be comfortable and stylish while breastfeeding. Udder Covers® help you to breastfeed your baby and still socialize with family and friends confidently. Designed to be classic yet bold, their covers give you the perfect amount of coverage while allowing you to bond with your baby. It’s simple—Udder Cover want you to feel good about breastfeeding whenever, wherever !
The Udder Covers® nursing cover, originally known as the “Priv-A-See” cover, traces its origin back to 1994, when Teri Runco invented the first flexible-yet-rigid neckline nursing cover. In the beginning, all nursing covers were handmade, ironed, folded, and packaged by Teri out of her home.
As time went on, the Priv-A-See brand was retired, and in 2009, Teri’s unique design began selling under the unforgettable name Udder Covers®. Today, Udder Covers® is one of the many stylish, world-famous brands distributed through the parent company Mothers Lounge®. Since its humble beginning 21 years ago, the Udder Covers® nursing cover has now been sold in independent boutiques and major retailers in over 86 countries around the world. As a result, millions of moms have enjoyed nursing their baby in public and in fashion with Udder Covers®. Udder Covers® brand has become the #1 selling nursing cover in the world.
Udder Covers® owns all rights and goodwill associated with the original Priv-A-See brand.
486 Jean St.
Oakland, CA 94610
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