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She Scent It Natural Hair Product Review + stash peek :) ~ TriniGirlNatural

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to finally bringing you a review of one of my absolutely favorite natural hair product brands! She Scent It! And you get to see my stash LOL. She Scent It has my most hgs products of any brand, her products are absolutely a joy to use! Not only do they work amazingly they have great ingredients for healthy hair! Look out for her 25-40% off sales throughout the year too! Try it, enjoy it and report back :D. xoxo

She Scent It

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TriniGirlNatural is all about my natural hair journey and achieving healthy, beautiful natural hair. Thanks for joining me and sharing your journey with me as well 😊. All are welcome. Let’s do this together as a community! Xoxo

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