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Sterling Silver 3-Stone Cubic Zirconia Ring, Size 8

Much better on a finger!, August 6, 2007
Modern Blue Argonaut

This ring far exceeded my expectations and looks better in real life than in the picture shown here on Amazon. The CZ’s really sparkle and the silver is very white, shiny, and high quality. Overall I am very pleased with this ring and prefer it to my white gold, yellow gold, and other silver rings. Do not be too concerned about the silver holding up. I have a silver ring I have worn for 3 years and it’s in fine condition. Inside, the ring is stamped CHINA 925 CZ, so you will not fool anyone with it but it is gorgeous and fun to wear. For $19.99 you cannot go wrong. Save yourself some money and buy this ring if you want a 3 stone ring. This ring cleans easily with mild hand dishwashing liquid, warm water, a soft baby toothbrush, and a soft lint-free cloth. The ring appears to be rhodium plating so I would avoid silver cleaners.

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