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Anuschka 433 Hobo

Lovely, May 4, 2011
S. K. Harrell

This is my second Anuschka bag. My first was a fairly small handbag that lasted a hearty 9 years. I could have gotten more miles from it but it would need work on the straps, and I needed something slightly bigger. The downside of this bag is that there really wasn’t a size between the small bag and this hobo. In earnest, it’s a bit big for what I really need and want, but I love the design so much and its construction that I am satisfied with it. Despite that it has two internal pockets I wish it had some sort of divider. The open space is so big that small objects swim in it and I have to fish to find them. As well, the internal pockets are made of the thin, loose lining and their contents spill into the open space very easily. The cell phone pocket is a bit outdated in that it’s too small for a PDA. This is a bother unless you are satisfied with fitting it into one of the external side pockets.

All-in-all it’s a beautiful bag, very lightweight, and certainly roomy. I think its internal organization could be constructed better, but perhaps that will have improved when I get my next bag. Here’s hoping this one lasts as long or longer than my first!

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