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Bio Water is a concentrated homeopathic water catalyst to be added to pure water used for drinking, cooking and spraying. Bio Water should be utilized by All Living Things !

Bio Water accelerates the process of nutrient delivery into the cells and speeds up the waste extraction process of all living things which promotes faster healing and an overall healthy being. Bio Water, with its molecular rearranged structure, has many attributes :

Very high alkaline water which does not dissipate
Contains high dissolved oxygen that does not dissipate< Contains naturally occurring electrolytes for energy Promotes quicker healing Breaks down nutrients for better assimilation of vitamins and minerals Greater hydration by a lower surface tension once added to water Bio Water does many things for better health and well-being of all living things; human, animals and plant life. Bio Water is simple to use: One ounce to a gallon and you have it all. Please Click Link Below to visit store

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