October 3, 2023

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The Best Smart Home Gym Equipment for 2023 | Tonal, Peloton, iFit, Hydrow & More!

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Building a smart home gym? Here’s my take on the best tech-enabled gym equipment for 2023…

🏆Best Work Out Mirror – Tonal https://garagegymreviews.co/Tonal
🏆Best All in One – Tempo https://garagegymreviews.co/Tempo
🏆Best Smart Rower – Hydrow https://garagegymreviews.co/Hydrow
🏆Best Smart Bike – Nordic Track S22i https://garagegymreviews.co/NordicTrackS22i
🏆Best Smart Bike – Carol https://garagegymreviews.co/Carol
🏆Best Smart Treadmill – ProForm 9000 https://garagegymreviews.co/ProFormPro9000
🏆Best Smart Elliptical – Nordic Track 14.9 https://garagegymreviews.co/NordicTrack149
🏆Best Training App – Future https://garagegymreviews.co/Future
🏆Best Smart Watch – Apple Watch https://amzn.to/39U87fJ

Smart Home Gyms are becoming more and more commonplace. The infusion of tech into the gym has only just begun, in my opinion, and I hope we see more of it. Today, we break down the best smart home gym equipment with various categories.

This includes the best smart rower, best smart bike, best exercise mirror, best smart home gym, best smart treadmill, and best smart elliptical. I compare all of the most popular options on the market and I give my opinion on which ones I would recommend.

There’s still a lot of improvements to come in these categories, but these are some of our current recommendations.

Best Smart Gym Equipment 00:00
Best Work Out Mirror – Tonal Review 01:36
Best All in One – Tempo Review 02:27
Best Smart Rower – Hydro Review 03:52
Best Smart Bike – Carol Bike Review/Nordic Track S22i Review 05:04
Best Smart Treadmill – ProForm Pro 9000 Review 07:48
Best Smart Elliptical – Nordic Track Commercial 14.9 Review 09:19
Best Training App – Future Review 10:33
Best Smart Watch – Apple Watch Review 11:15

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