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ZIMA: How to Get 2016 Zima Drink & 90s Nolstagia Review

The Zima clear malt was one of the defining malternative beverages of the 1990s. Even though they the U.S. stopped product you can still find them in Japan and that’s exactly what we did for our review. Subscribe to mikeNgary for more:

[UPDATE FEB. 2017] Zima, the clear malt beverage that was popular in the 1990s, will making a comeback IN 2017, according to multiple reports.

From 2003 to 2008 Coors Brewing tried to make the ‘alcopop’ the preferred choice to beer. However over time and many David Letterman sketches making fun of the drink it was perceived as a girly man’s drink. We had never tried it when we had the chance but we got a brand new 2016 Zima from Japan and we even add Skittles. After reviewing Surge and Crystal Pepsi, please enjoy our nostalgia review that includes a classic Zima commercial.

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